A Backpack Full of Dongles - Baer, Brogan & Comm: Episode #1

In a world filled with chaos, tumult and uncooked bacon, three social marketers have chosen to stand up and then sit down again. Because it makes more sense to sit when you are recording a podcast.

On a whim... or perhaps a dare, Jay Baer, Chris Brogan and Joel Comm got together to test pilot a new show idea, tentatively called Baer, Brogan & Comm (or BBC for those who like abbreviations)

The show concept is that we get together in a roundtable format to discuss topics that we find interesting, with each of the three bringing one topic to the table. (It's not really round... and it's not really a table. We are at our own desks, but use your imaginations dang it!)

The result for us was a super fun time, with plenty of insightful content and commentary. There was also no shortage of silliness.
In this episode we discuss the state of Apple Computer, the use of Chatbots for business and the future of Snapchat, among other random subject matter.

First, please let us know what you think of the topics we covered and be sure to chime in with your opinion on the subject matter.

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